Other Works

A new way to look at wine for a new generation, Planet of the Grapes is an ongoing series of wine guides from Jason Wilson, award-winning columnist and author of Boozehound, which Anthony Bourdain called “superbly informative, entertaining, and yet deeply subversive.”

Each volume focuses on a specific topic or theme from the world of wine. Wilson explores each topic as a storyteller, teaching about wine in a fun, accessible, and less intimidating way, giving bottle recommendations along the way — with links that will allow a reader to actually find the bottles at a store nearest them. Alternative Reds is a guide to off-the-beaten-path red wines that offer a wine lover — whether a newbie or an experienced connoisseur who’s stuck in a rut — a different path into the world of wine. When Wine Talk Gets Weird explores the philosophy, and asks many of the questions, behind the entire Planet of the Grapes series. Why is wine important anyway? How does one learn a topic as vast as wine? And Wine Cocktails is ready to scandalize the “serious” wine lover in your life with more than more than 40 recipes from top mixologists.